Film Archive

Film Archive

A patrimony that continues to grow

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From Silent Film to Today: A Story in Moving Pictures

Over 40,000 films, mostly 35mm and 16mm, covering the entire history of the moving image: from the silent age to our times, from the greatest of art films to the most forgotten B-movie, from lavish productions to amateur experiments. This is the broad range that can be found at the Cineteca’s Film Archive, which has flourished with an acquisitions policy sensitive to the needs of people and institutions looking for an experienced organization in the complex field of film conservation and cataloguing. The archive’s openness and enthusiasm are a welcome change in attitude from the film world’s tendency to discard productions of yesteryear.

Municipal Warehouses (Via dell'Industria, 2)
New Tech Warehouse (Via Zanardi, 48)
Villa Puglioli (flammable film archive, Via di Casaglia, 39)