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Giving voice to the story of film

No longer just a location for study, archiving and screenings, today the Bologna Cineteca is also a publishing brand. After decades of experience in promoting film publications, in 2008 the Cineteca launched its own publishing activity to give voice to the great story of cinema, which is an integral part of everything the Cineteca does.

In print

The Cineteca’s publications range from the 25,000 monthly Cineteca newsletters featuring the Cinema Lumière program and Cineteca initiatives, to special volumes, monographs and historical works offering an in-depth exploration of a specific segment of cinema’s past or present with original writings, previously unpublished materials and translations.

Completing the picture: DVDs

With the launch of our own collection of DVDs our range of publications has finally become truly multimedia, providing a direct way to broaden the horizons of cinematic experience through both reading and viewing. Standards of quality and research remain high throughout, meaning our output can both satisfy the interests of the academic community and also appeal to a wider public of cinephiles.

Head of publications: Paola Cristalli
tel.: (+39) 0512194816/17