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EFG Seminar

Film archives and their users in the ‘Second Century’ – Risks and benefits of the transition to digital

30 June (full day) & 1 July 2011 (half day)
Auditorium DMS (next to the Cinema Lumière) Via Azzo Gardino 65, Bologna
Organisers: Cineteca di Bologna and Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF in the framework of the EFG – European Film Gateway project

Detailed programme

With the arrival of digital technologies, the second century of cinema has brought a paradigm shift which confronts the film archives and cinémathèques as keepers of the film heritage with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The symposium intends to look at the consequences of the transition from analogue to digital by looking at the self-perception of the archives, their relationship with their users as well as the implications of this paradigm shift for their daily work.
The discussion of the technological, legal, financial and organisational issues that come with this transition is already subject to many conferences, symposia and panels. In the European Film Gateway project, the 16 participating film archives and cinémathèques are directly confronted with many of these issues.
International speakers include filmmakers, archivists, researchers and historians. The symposium will be divided into the following 4 preliminary sessions:

  1. Archives’ strategies and policies at the turn of the digital era. Some unsolved challenges
    - A general approach

  2. Using the archives. Users of the archives
    - The transition seen from the users’ point of view

  3. How archives use the web. Publishing online
    - Archives speak about their experiences

  4. A look into EFG and Europeana: Partner archives present their collections
    - Presentation of the EFG portal and Europeana as well as selected collections from the contributing partners

Online Registration

More information and the official agenda will be made available here shortly.
Attendance to the symposium is open and free of charge
Should you have problems registering or need further information please contact:

Valeria Bigongiali
(+39) 051 2194807